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Dog Water Fountain
Dog Water Fountain
Dog Water Fountain
Dog Water Fountain

Dog Water Fountain

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🐕Are you in the market for an effective solution for pet dehydration? Or maybe you are in search of a water sprinkler that will allow your pet to have a drink of water unaided? This Dog Water Fountain is what you want!🐕

🐕Self-serving water fountain for your dogs

This innovative, self-serve water fountain makes it easy for your dog to have access to clean cool water on-demand so you'll be able to rest easy! It attaches to a garden hose and releases an unlimited stream of water when your dog steps on the switch plate, then it shuts off when they step away.

🐕Have fun with it

It’s a sprinkler made for necessity, but designed to bring along with it plenty of fun moments for you and your dog.

🐕High Quality, Durable Design

This step-on water fountain is made from durable plastic and is therefore going to last long, and serve with absolute efficiency. It's constructed from heavy gauge steel, has a leak-proof valve and can be used by dogs of most sizes with a little training. A great solution to help keep your furry best friend properly hydrated and best of all, there are no slimy bowls to have to constantly clean and refill. 


  • QUENCH THEIR THIRST: During those long and hot summer days, the best thing you can do for your dog is give them access to fresh and cool drinking water. That is exactly what the Happy Puppin water fountain provides.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND USE: Installing this water fountain is quite an easy undertaking as it can be easily attached to any hose or faucet available.
  • MORE THAN JUST A SPRINKLER: In addition to pet’s thirst, this water dispenser will prove to be a source of fun moments and a few hearty laughs for you. You can trust us on that.
  • FOR DOGS OF ALL TYPES: With even the biggest dogs in mind, the Happy Puppin water fountain should be able to hold up to any dog. Their size is quite irrelevant.
  • YOUR SATISFACTION IS ASSURED: Every purchase made from us comes with a 365 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not impressed with your purchase, please let us know.


Size: 28x26x9cm
Weight: 2006g