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Hurricane Spin Broom Automatic Hand Push Sweeper
Hurricane Spin Broom Automatic Hand Push Sweeper

Hurricane Spin Broom Automatic Hand Push Sweeper

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Stop hurting your back cleaning your floors with a dustpan and broom.
The Hurricane Spin Broom sweeps away wet and dry messes with triple brush technology. Effortlessly pick up messes from most hard surfaces with a simple push.
Lightweight & Convenient
It only weighs 1.1-pounds, so it’s super lightweight. When it is not in use, you can just hang it on a hook behind your door, in a pantry, or in your garage.
Easy To Use
To use, simply move Hurricane Spin Broom across your surface in a forward motion, applying a slight downward force.
Triple Brush Technology
This triple brush technology rotates brush bristles like a street sweeper. Two radial brushes collect debris from the front and sides of the broom, pushing it under the center broom head. There, a cylindrical brush sweeps the debris into the collection bin.
One-Touch Disposal
When you’re ready to empty the built-in collection container, position the broom head over the trash, then press the one-press button on the back of the broom head. Your collected debris empties and you don’t have to touch a thing! 


  • 360 degree rotating brush with high-speed rotation to touchdown rubbish dust swept into the dustbin.
  • Telescopic adjustable handle, no need to bend down when sweeping, comfortable, and efficient.
  • Fit for the hardened ground to use. Don't use it to sweep Uneven ground.
  • Hand push sweeper, working without electricity, no noise, and eco-friendly.
  • No batteries, no cords, no bags needed.
  • Large capacity one-touch bin empties in seconds.
  • Triple Brush Technology rotates bristles like a street sweeper.
  • Picks up dirt, cereal, chips, pet hair, and more.
  • Gets deeps into grout lines.
  • Cleans wet and dry messes.
  • Material: ABS Plastics
  • Color: Blue & White
  • Weight:  1.1 Pounds
  • Size: 44.49"×12.20"×7.87"