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Non-Stick Brownie Pan
Non-Stick Brownie Pan
Non-Stick Brownie Pan

Non-Stick Brownie Pan

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Get The Perfect Brownies Every Time!
With the Non-Stick Brownie Pan, you get to create mouth-watering, astonishingly tasteful brownies without them sticking to the pot ever again.

Easy To Partition
This pan has a partitioning, which can help you to easily divide your cake. So that you don't have to cut it when you finished the baking.

Non-Stick Material
You will no longer worry about breaking your brownies when taking them out from the brownie baking pan.

Easy To Wash
With the process of new Teflon coating, it's easier for you to clean up every corner of the pan.

Matters Needing Attention:

  • Before use, please clean the mold and dry it with a soft cloth before use.
  • After use, please use a rag or soft scraper to clean the residue, then clean it and dry it.
  • Do not use strong acid and strong alkali cleaner.
  • It is recommended that the oven temperature be lower than 450℉.
  • Do not use hard or sharp objects to cut and rub on the mold surface. 
  • PERFECT PRECUT DIVIDER DESIGN: This precut brownie pan can make 18 perfectly sliced brownies all at once; create flawless and uniformly sized brownies.
  • FAST AND EVEN HEATING: With high-carbon steel material which can transfer heat faster, providing even heat distribution.
  • NON-STICK COATING FOR EASY RELEASE: Easy release, non-stick coating for ease of baking and cleanup and is heat safe up to 450℉
  • FIRM AND STURDY: The high carbon steel material is very hard, which can well prevent wear during use
  • FOOD GRADE HIGH CARBON STEEL: This brownie pan is made of safe food-grade high carbon steel that is 100% NO HARM to your health.
  • Material: High Carbon Steel, New Teflon Coating
  • Size: 12.2‘’(L)×7.87‘’(W)×1.93‘’(H)
  • Weight: 810g